About Lauren

Born and raised Sydney Australia, Lauren Rose is a yogini, vegan, writer, painter, food experimenter, Sagittarius, traveller, reader, admirer of the powers of the universe and mother to Oliver, the cutest Maltese puppy in the world!

Lauren believes that the connection between the human body and spirit is first and foremost established in practices of mindfulness and a consciousness of not only our own surrounding but those of the greater universe. Through ethical, organic, clean, mostly vegan and raw eating, a dedication meditative and spiritual practices and yoga, and a desire to live a life that benefits the life of all people, animal and plant life around you for a sustainable future one can achieve the sense of peace, balance and light we all search for. 

Combining her interests in vegetarian, macrobiotic, vegan and raw food with her knowledge of nutrition, naturopathy and healing - Lauren seeks to use her blog as a way to explore various wellbeing, food and yogic principles and positive affirmations, and how these can positively influence an individuals life.

When she is not practicing yoga, creating new recipes in the kitchen or playing with her dog, Lauren spends her time painting, reading, studying English Literature, teaching primary school children and writing books.

"I crossed the street to walk in the sunshine"
- Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat. Pray. Love. 

Love and light xxx