Monday, 6 June 2011

Eat this, listen really closely, and you will actually be able to hear your insides singing

This recipe comes by complete accident from one delicious lunch time where a 'throw together' seemed to be the only quickly option. What unfolded was pure, tasty, healthy bliss! And it can be prepared in less time than it takes to say "yum!"

To make this salad you will need...

Fresh, organic vegetables - whatever is in season and sitting in your crisper will do just fine! Today, I had some yummy spinach, broccoli, capsicum and cucumber but anything you have with be perfect!

Handful of mixed raw nuts - I like to toast mine, but completely up to you!

Handful of goji berries - yuuuuuuuum! Who can resist a goji berry?

Quinoa - or any other grain that you have left over from last nights dinner

Avocado - diced and delicious with its pale jade beauty

Sea Vegetable of your choice - I recommend nori, wakame or arame

Mix all these goodies together and serve topped with a generous sprinkling of flaxseeds!

Lunch Time!

Eat this and TRY not to feel incredible!

Love and light,
Lauren xxx

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