Friday, 27 May 2011

Animal, Vegetable, Mystery

As your yoga practice develops and integrates itself into your everyday life (if that hasn't happened to you yet, just you wait...) one question naturally plagues the yogi - what is a true yogic diet? 

Many yogis will adopt a strict vegan diet, based on the principle of Ahimsa - meaning to avoid the carrying out of harm or violence -  and as such eat a purely plant based diet free of all animal products. Others will interpret this as not eating the meat of an animal, but include animal products such as dairy, eggs and honey in their daily diet. However, there has been an increased focus in the consumer market on sustainable, ethical treatment of animals in recent years  which begs the question - if the animal has been raised humanly and is consumed mindfully with thought for its spirit, is it acceptable to eat? 

Well my beautiful followers, that decision is completely up to you. Whether or not you choose to consume animal products is an entirely personal decision and one that may change over time as your needs change and practice deepens, but the two most important factors in making your decision are:

Listen to your body - you are the one who is going to be making this decision, preparing your meals and nourishing your spirit -- your body will know exactly what it needs!!

Educate yourself - in nourishing your spirit it is important to know that your body will be getting the nutrients that it needs -- explore vegan, vegetarian and sustainable eating cook books and become familiar with recipes, ingredients and flavours. For anyone who is considering, interested in or would like to know more about a vegan lifestyle, I strongly recommend The Kind Diet, by Alicia Silverstone which details the health benefits of veganism as well as how to construct a healthy, nutrient dense and exciting meal plan. Another great find is Veagnist by Kathy Freston - Oprah's go-to-girl when she and her crew explored a vegan diet. For foodies who wish to eat sustainable, fresh produce without sacrificing flavour pick up Kylie Kwong's It Tastes Better which explores the sources of Kylie's produce as well as fresh, simple, flavourful recipes. 

Happy eating yogi's -- follow your heart, listen to your body and you will know what to do

Love and light,
Lauren xxx




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