Friday, 19 August 2011


One a month, my yoga teacher hosts an advanced Vinyasa class on a Friday night -- my favourite night of the month! I got home from uni quite late befor class last night and needed something nutritious to power me through without being heavy on my stomach -- and thus my Superfood smoothie was born!!

Add to your blender:
A good handful of greens (I used spinach and kale)
A cup of your favourite soy, nut, rice or coconut milk
A scoop of Spirulina and wheatgrass powder
A spoonful of Acai berries
A banana (preferably organic)
A cup of berries -- I used some yummy blueberries
A handful of goji berries
A spoonful of almond butter
Two scoops of your choice of protein powder (I used a mix of Sunwarrior Rice Protein and Pea Protein!)

Blitz and serve :)

Jam packed with protein, fibre and more antioxidants than dollars in Donald Trumps bank account -- it's no wonder I was able to master some of the more advanced asanas that I would usually only watch others perform in awe and admiration! And let me assure you it will be the most amazing coloured smoothie you will ever drink in your life! And it tastes even better!!

Please let me know what you think, and any additions you make! :)

Love and light,
Lauren xxx

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