Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Decisions, decisions...

What should I do?

A big question which every being on this planet will at one time or another ask themselves. When facing a crossroads where do you turn for guidance? Friends? Family? The flip of a coin? While all these options will give you an answer, you are the one who has to live with the ramifications, so why not listen to what you have to say?

Sounds simple in theory, but in practice this can become quite difficult. Even though there is only one person that you must answer to, there are many different parts of you that want to have a say! Your body loves to chime in and give its two cents about what your cells need, which may be in direct contrast to what your spiritual being is asking of you. Then your have to deal with your intellectual perspective who always has something interesting to say, and toss in your social self and creative self, and you have the recipe for complete confusion!

So what can we do about this?

Trying to listen to all of yourself at once will leave you feeling confused, frustrated and as if you are in your own personal episode of The View. So create a quiet space - maybe for you that's outside, in your room, on a bench at a park, wherever you feel at peace. Sit, breathe and be present in your surroundings. Once you are ready, create a circle of trust with yourself and get out your talking stick. One by one hear what each part of you has to say. Let yourself express your fears, hesitations and concerns. Remember that no one part of you is more important or valuable than another. Each part of you needs to be happy otherwise a balance will not be achieved. Listen to what every self has to say and let your decision resonate with you for a while. Sit on it, see how it feels - could you live with this decision? How will it impact you in 10 minutes? 10 hours? 10 days? 10 months?

While everyone will have an opinion on decisions you make as little or large as they may be, it is you who has to live with the outcome - so simply ask yourself! You will know the right answer, if you just take some time to listen to what you - all of you - has to say..

Love and light,
Lauren xxx

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